Zelda Pornography Story: Warmed Twilight Chapter Three

Zelda Pornography Story: Warmed Twilight Chapter Three

Chapter 3: The Hero’s Reward
Pairing: Link x Ilia x Uli
Contains: M/F, M/F/F, Oral

Link was somewhere beyond aggravation as he traveled the beaten trail through the southern forests and towards his hometown, those two foolish youths walking alongside him following their recent rescue at the amateur swordsman’s bloodied hands. The young rancher’s discontent created an expected boundary between himself and Talo, whose foolishness had reached incredible new heights. Regardless of his awakened aggression, Beth literally walked within the shadow of her older friend, feeling comfort and security under his protection following an unacceptable close encounter. Colin found himself firmly mounted upon Epona’s saddle and remained silent as the powerful animal instinctively followed her dissatisfied master. Although Talo wouldn’t have agreed, Colin was hoping that Malo managed to inform the other villagers as he had been instructed.

Link remained frighteningly silent as he continued following the beaten trail, the abused frame of the wooden sword speckled with the crimson of those vicious little creatures that would have surely devoured both the older brother and that mischievous monkey. Talo seemed to have been shaken by his encounter, but Beth seemed considerably more unnerved by her own close encounter within the southern forests. His mentor’s son was essentially uninjured, but his characteristic concern for his female peer was rather unnerving to the young swordsman. Those monsters would have doubtlessly devoured both the young males, but there were several horrible rumors surrounding what happened to young girls that wandered into the savage wilderness. The challenge of discussing these events with the parents was no challenge the young savior was prepared to accept, although he realized the severity of the situation.

I still cannot believe how fast everything happened.

Everything seemed to have been perfectly normal when he returned from the village, although there was some considerable surprise when he found his mentor passing through the general area dragging an unidentified animal carcass in an enormous burlap sack. In crossing paths he mentioned returning the repaired wooden sword to the amateur swordsman’s house before and then proceeded to the village. The young rancher immediately retrieved the wooden sword while relieving himself of the surprisingly efficient fishing rod and then returning to the traffic area outside his home. While Colin himself remained alongside Epona, the other children became absolutely enthralled by the presence of the high quality slingshot he had purchased from Sera’s Sundries.

Eventually the young rancher found himself using the supplied slingshot pellets to take potshots at several random objects that littered the surrounding area. The young rancher quickly recognized one personal application for the overpowered slingshot when the stone pellets dropped several pieces of fruit from the branches above. Link quickly became determined to retain possession of the slingshot already realizing the vandalism that could be committed with such an instrument.

Unfortunately, he already realized that either one of the brothers would inevitably be demanding to barrow the destructive pseudo-weapon. In retaliation, the young rancher immediately drew his freshly repaired wooden sword and turned his attention towards the armored scarecrow that had been constructed years ago strictly for the purpose of reinforcing his swordsmanship techniques in his spare time. Lashing out against the defenseless opponent utilizing an impressive collection of both graceful and vicious attacks effectively captured the undivided attention of those present. The motionless opponent stood against most of the amateur swordsman’s blows eventually being reduced to the underlying skeleton following a leaping strike which ended the session.

Carrying an unworthy imitation of the wooden weapon constantly utilized by apprentices throughout the kingdom, Talo figured himself capable of fending off the mischievous monkeys that had been seen around the southern village. Following this rather bold statement one of those unwanted neighbors happened to appear within striking distance of the group, having apparently been watching from the treetops. The older brother immediately responded by rallying the other children to apprehend the furry creature before it suddenly dashed into the familiar sanctuary of the forest. Apparently inspired by the young rancher’s display of swordsmanship, they thoughtlessly pursued the furry intruder into the neighboring woodlands.

“I’m never going to understand how those guys can get so gung-ho about those monkeys.” Colin breathed as he continued brushing Epona’s stationary form “You would think that they actually mean anything they do.”

“I hear you, Colin.” Link said in returning the wooden sword to the sleeve behind his left shoulder and dropping down to become seated on one of the large roots of his home “Good thing you’re mature enough to notice.”

“I suppose so, but sometimes…” Colin found himself horribly interrupted by an unexpected series of panicked screams that echoed forth from the nearby reaches of the woodlands “Beth? That was Beth!”

“Epona! Move out!” Link shouted before instinctively mounting his faithful steed and pulling the younger man onto the saddle behind him before thoughtlessly galloping down the beaten path and into the potentially dangerous woodlands.

They encountered the small form of Malo running back towards the village, the younger brother ducking into the unlocked gates of the Ordon Spring as the large animal barreled down the dusty path carrying the unlikely pair of young men. Jaggle’s youngest son barely managed to collect his thoughts before shouting out after the amateur swordsman and blacksmith’s son “Watch out for the monsters!”

The younger brother’s panicked words were washed away as the rushing steeds mighty hoofs clapped across the solid wood of the bridge that carried them deeper into the woodlands. The determined young rancher found himself absolutely dripping with bloodthirsty adrenaline as his powerful mount effortlessly cleared the primitive barricades that had been erected. The smallest fibers of his physical tightened as his unnaturally pointed ears noticed the screams echoing from beyond the second barricade. Unleashed indignation sharply flared within his heart as his loyal mount cleared this second barricade and his cerulean eyes observed the injustice that stood before him.

The shopkeeper’s daughter was being dragged through the dust of the beaten path around the nearby caves, an aggressive goblin hesitating after dropping his young prisoner into the overgrown grass. The menacing creature was then standing over the screaming girl’s restrained form, possessing unknown intentions which formulated several frightening possibilities. Perhaps the uncivilized creature actually wanted to eat her. Perhaps the forest dwelling savage desired something else all together. The realization of either possibility caused Beth to burn her wrists on the thin rope that had been used to restrain her wrists, valiantly attempting to escape. There was little warning to the savage monster before the wooden sword was suddenly slashed down upon the creature from behind, crushing it’s cranium and killing it.

The young rancher had been breathing with bloodthirsty adrenaline before kneeling down upon the frightened young girl, quickly drawing his knife and slicing away the ropes that restrained her. In that moment in regaining her balance, the shopkeeper’s daughter could feel her panicked heart pounding mercilessly somewhere between her chest and her throat. There was no further conversation as the awakening warrior ordered them to remain there and immediately followed the beaten trail into those darkened caves from which the villagers were forbidden. The two youths clinched their pounding hearts, the unmistakable sounds of their older friend mercilessly cutting through everything that bothered to challenge him. Around twenty minutes later, he emerged essentially dragging the liberated Talo alongside him and appearing very discontent before announcing they were returning to the village.

Following the uncharacteristic demonstration of indignation and bloodlust, there was probably nobody within the southern village that would have dared to question his judgment. Something foreign and unfamiliar had been burning within the eternal apprentice, something that had been driving him forward into those awaiting numbers that would challenge his natural abilities and polished training. Those three youths couldn’t have been expected to understand, as nobody in the southern village knew of his sacred bloodlines, let alone the surrounding kingdom. Even the young rancher himself remained ignorant of and unenlightened upon his own legendary heritage.

There was practically nobody existing in the mortal realm that actually possessed knowledge of his carefully concealed bloodlines besides the ominous owner of those crimson eyes that currently watched from the underbrush in that moment. This mysterious creature had been watching from those enshrouding shadows for most the young man’s uneventful existence, constantly prepared to protect and defend him. The ominous stalker understood the countless legends that surrounded the historical members of the bloodlines, their names constantly hidden between the pages of history. Although many members had eventually become known as valiant knights or powerful wizards, these legendary heroes always emerged from the commoners and outsiders. Stepping forward to challenge the approaching darkness, historically standing against considerable circumstances and impossible opposition.

The golden watcher already understood that with the darkened horizons of the northern regions, this young man would be continuing the legacy of his family.

The young rancher and his frightened friend found themselves most surprised when they discovered almost half of the southern village’s population near the sacred forest spring, carrying farming implements and kitchen knives as makeshift weaponry. Although apparently moving to liberate the captured children themselves, thunderous applause and congratulations erupted as the young swordsman and the remaining captive appeared crossing the bridge. There was some hesitation amongst the children as Colin remained mounted on the young rancher’s horse and the other two potential captives stood alongside him. Before anybody could possibly voice their appreciation or gratitude however, Jaggle and Pergie suddenly moved through the crowd with more aggression that most of the southern village’s rebellious cattle, the younger brother following behind them.

“This won’t end well.” Talo murmured before his father suddenly grabbed an aggressive handful of his oldest son’s chocolate hair and began dragging him back towards the village, shouting and lecturing loud enough for the majority of the population to overhear. Apparently fearing that his own lesser foolishness might be discovered, Malo obediently followed his mother after shooting one pleading expression towards Link and Colin.

“Maybe he’ll learn something from this.” The young rancher breathed before glancing towards the mounted boy to see him slowly shaking his head, obviously feeling some embarrassment for associating himself with the foolish brothers. However, he found himself most surprised when his cobalt eyes trailed towards Beth who stood alongside him. In that moment he noticed that the young maiden was observing him with an incredibly entranced gaze, the next moment she had quickly redirected her attention elsewhere. Quickly realizing her cheeks were burning, she rushed to her mother who were standing in the crowd and abandoned her savior without spoken thanks, but considerable confusion.

“Colin, are you alright?” Link turned his attention towards his mentor as he approached, Rusl having quickly donned his leather armor which could have spoken volumes concerning his earliest experiences. Colin dismounted and presented himself before his father, explaining that he was completely unharmed because he was mostly uninvolved. Link understood the younger teen’s unreadiness to follow in his father’s footsteps and wouldn’t have wanted Rusl to understand what transpired in the woodlands. Uli glanced towards Link with an appreciative expression before bowing softly and walking back towards the village with her sole offspring, shadowing the population of the southern village. Link turned towards Rusl.

“Well done, Link.” Rusl murmured with genuine praise “Malo ran into the village and began shouting that everybody had been taken into the woodlands by those monsters, we began gathering as soon as we heard. However, it seems that your talents have proven more than worthy against these savages that plague us.”

“My abilities would be nothing without proper instruction.” Link responded.

“No.” Rusl breathed “I have already sent you on one potentially dangerous errand and now you have found yourself forced to carry my responsibilities as a member of the village guardians. These forests have been becoming stranger in these recent evenings, there is an uneasiness in the evening breeze and some darkness in the distant horizon. Perhaps this ancient kingdom might be approaching some difficult times.”

“Then again, it just might be nothing.” Rusl shrugged before looking towards the young man “Tomorrow is finally going to be the day. You will be departing for the Hyrule Summit to represent Ordon Village. There is no question that you have deserved this responsibility, we wish you a pleasant journey and safe return, although you should probably consider this your vacation. Your return shouldn’t feel pressured, you should enjoy yourself in the northern grasslands before being forced to return to your responsibilities.”

“Is there really that much to representing some small village?” Link questioned.
“You should probably eavesdrop on some of the younger maidens chattering about you, apprentice. My wife keeps insisting that your presence in the central province would doubtlessly attract several wealthy merchant’s daughters to stand within your shadow.” Rusl chuckled lightly “Who knows, you may even get to meet Princess Zelda.”

“Uh…” Link struggled to manipulate some response. The opportunity of gaining the attention of some wealthy merchant’s daughter the personal fantasy of most every hot-blooded young man, but some young rancher grasping the personal interest of her royal highness was something beyond the realms of being possible.

“The evening approaches and my gratitude remains.” Rusl mused before looking towards his apprentice “We would be honored if you would join us for dinner tonight. Although, considering how you are hunching over your stomach, I’m guessing that you probably lack the strength to fend for yourself tonight.”

“I’m afraid that the goblins weren’t very gracious hosts.” Link responded before following his mentor back into the village, never noticing the two individuals that had separated themselves from the retreating population and were discussing something rather suspiciously.


It was several hours following the last glimmers of daylight that the young rancher found himself returning home from his mentor’s house in the southern village. His grumbling stomach had been satisfied with the freshest food and his consciousness enlightened with useful knowledge concerning the northern highlands. Although there were several bruises to the wooden sword, his mentor had remarked rather suspiciously upon how inappropriate an apprentice’s weapon seemed alongside his natural talents. There was little doubt that his mentor was honestly considering that next stage of their relationship, the wooden sword would need to be repaired frequently and wouldn’t remain effective against the larger monsters. Although understanding the various responsibilities that would come with carrying an actual bladed weapon for the purpose of defending the village, the young rancher found the possibility rather exhilarating.

Link originally found nothing particularly interesting upon returning to his isolated home on the outskirts of the southern village, his loyal mount was silently sleeping in the small clearing nearby and nothing seemed displaced as he climbed the ladder to his balcony. Upon stepping through doorway his withdrawn excitement immediately became outright cautiousness, the native carpet which rested inside the entrance having been shifted by somebody other than himself. His thoughts immediately went to the goblins tracking him down in the pursuit of revenge, but seeing the long pink ribbon stretched across his floor and towards the basement seemed to discredit this theory. Following this unfamiliar ribbon he discovered that there was some shallow light coming from the normally shadowed basement. Without second thought he prepared himself and jumped the short distance, never bothering with the adjacent ladder.

After touching down gracefully, the young rancher immediately pulled himself to his feet and turned his attention towards the darkened basement that existed underneath his house. Several vacant candles were ignited and burning brilliantly in the corners of the room while an often unused lantern burned overhead, illuminating the changes to the barren chamber. The second mattress he had purchased two years earlier was removed from the protective cloth and several of his spare blankets were scattered upon it. Sitting upon this disorderly entanglement of quilts and blankets were two familiar young woman, neither of them dressed in anything beyond their silken nightgowns which began churning his cold determination into heated desire. His cerulean eyes acknowledged one of them with considerable surprise, his mind fighting ruthlessly to create an understandable sentence.

The Mayor’s Daughter was sitting before him dressed in little more than the purest white nightgown, doubtless purchased from one of the northern salesmen that frequented the southern village during the earliest months following the winter. Those naturally familiar emerald green eyes were looking toward him with obvious desires while her sand blonde hair remained unchanged from their most recent meeting. Ilia was wearing an heirloom of her deceased mother, an absolutely beautiful hairpin and matching earrings which were characterized by gorgeous sapphires. An innocent expression adorned her delicate features and seemed to inspire countless inappropriate thoughts to materialize with the young man’s consciousness.

The Lusty Housewife was sitting adjacent to the younger woman, provocatively dressed in perfect opposition with another nightgown that was created from the darkest black satin of the northern grasslands, the silky smoothness expressing every feminine curve of her voluptuous body. Those seductive sapphire eyes were flanked by several tossed blonde bangs and her earlier departure from dinner seemed to have become rather fictitious. Although she wasn’t wearing any jewelry, she wore an unmistakably mischievous expression across her own mature features and summoned further scenarios within the young man’s consciousness.

“Ilia? Uli?” Link found himself entranced with their presence as he finally managed to speak through his screaming subconscious and flaring hormones “What are you doing here?”

The older woman looked towards her younger partner for the slightest moment before standing to her bare feet and approaching the stunned young rancher. Link clearly wanted to demand answers, but his attention becoming completely absorbed into the vision of her gorgeously displayed body. Within moments the saucy woman was standing before him and her delicate hands were softly caressing his neck and chin. There was some forbidden connection between their cerulean eyes before she suddenly shattered the stillness, slamming her lips against his own in an incredibly passionate kiss. Link suddenly found himself lost in his surprise, even as the seductive housewife fell forward onto the blankets, effectively pinning him beneath her for several seconds.

Link gasped sharply as Uli abruptly ended the kiss and smirked over his shoulder, Ilia then crawled into view where she descended upon him and silently initiated another passionate exchange. Her slender hands brushed against his handsome features as the young rancher began responding to her efforts, her hands intertwining with his own as she crawled over him. Their tongues tangled against one another in those tender moments, softly shifting positions instead of battling for ultimate dominance. These two youngbloods were thoroughly enjoying the moment and wouldn’t devalue it with their natural instincts, which were doubtlessly burning brightly in that instance.

Ilia softly separated from her lover before sitting upon her abdomen, her hands pressed down against his chest with the intention of pinning him. Uli’s presence within the chamber couldn’t be ignored and the entire situation seemed otherworldly to the young rancher. He eventually enough voice to speak “What is going on?”

“Do you remember those childish stories from your youth?” Ilia asked rather casually as she settled herself on the makeshift mattress “You know, those countless tales of valiant warriors and soldiers risking everything in the interests of their kingdoms and then vanishing into the sunset following their victory?”

Ilia’s fingers brushed across his features as she hovered over him, an almost sympathetic glint somewhere behind her emerald eyes “I’ve never understood how they could risk everything without receiving something to reward their dedication and sacrifices.”

Link found himself confused, wondering exactly why the two most prominent women in his current life actually quizzing him on his mentor’s lectures “Anybody that would dare to call themselves an honorable warrior and still demand rewards should consider himself a selfish mercenary. Those legendary heroes that fought to uphold the stability of the kingdom never demanded reparations for their service and sacrifice, those that were drawn by their honor fought for some greater good. There might have been rewards given by the royal family, but history would rather focus on the matter of their great sacrifices and valiant services.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Uli chuckled before dropping onto the makeshift mattress and crawling towards him. That familiar playful smirk appeared across her features as she wrenched her fingertips into the waistline of his cotton slacks “But one way or another, we have decided that we couldn’t allow your own heroism to go unrewarded.”

Link found himself unable to speak in that moment, suddenly realizing that both beautiful woman having somehow discovered the complex relationships that existed between them. The young rancher would have expected the housewife to casually tease him concerning his relationship with the mayor’s daughter. However, he would have expected his younger lover to be shocked and disapproving of his relationship with his mentor’s spouse.

“You shouldn’t be so shocked.” Uli chuckled seductively, shattering the silence with another trademark smirk while her fingertips hesitated with his cotton slacks “I have actually been training Ilia ever since your little romp through the wilderness.”

“Uli!” Ilia hissed softly, the crimson flush upon her features standing as evidence to her obvious embarrassment as she crawled across the makeshift mattress and nearly bumped heads with the older woman “You weren’t supposed to tell anybody about that!”

“What? You don’t think he could figure it out for himself?” Uli aggressively questioned before rising up and crushing her mouth against the younger woman’s exposed lips. The young rancher watched from the sidelines as the older woman initiated another passionate kiss with the younger woman. Their hands remained steady as the kiss was softly broken and Uli smirked “Or were you planning on blackmailing him? Perhaps you were embarrassed about seeking advisement?”

“N-No!” the younger woman countered, her innocent nature evident in her stuttered comeback, the remainder of this short confrontation seemed irrelivant to the young rancher. This sudden revelation flooding his teenage mind with countless visions of heated passion between these two women before them. Although having never witnessed such encounters himself, there was an alarming amount of information shrouded within the housewife’s mind. Having constantly frustrated the younger man’s libido with stories of her unleashed lifestyle before encountering her husband.

These visions and illusions were chased away as both women turned their attention back towards the young rancher whom they had effectively pinned. Uli smirked before slowly unlacing those casual cotton slacks and lowering them to reveal his throbbing excitement, which stood proudly before the two women. The young rancher found himself exhausted following his individual encounters with both women in the last twenty-four hours, not to mention turning the southern woodlands into a battlefield. Although many would have believe it almost impossibly, his physical body and primal instincts remained prepared to pleasure these two incredibly different women.

“You’ve certainly achieved your libido.” His heated erection twitched as the housewife softly grasped the base, initially appearing prepared to proceed with their standard encounters. The young rancher found himself surprised when the mayor’s daughter suddenly positioned herself alongside the seductive housewife. Unrealized pleasure snapped throughout his system as four velvet hands started fondling his nether regions, fingertips running delicately across his throbbing excitement while others gently orbited the young hero’s most sensitive sweetbreads.

The seductive housewife had always understood exactly how to drive the young rancher beyond rational thought with her talented hands. The mayor’s daughter had been becoming progressively better over the course of several months, their experiences becoming more breathtaking with every encounter. Finding himself confronted with these women being driven by the ambition to reward him for his instinctual courage, he found himself questioning his own perceived reality.

Link groaned loudly as the older woman began running her talented tongue across the throbbing shaft, the younger woman mirroring the wondrous process from the other side. The young man’s breathing became deeper and as his fingers gripped tightly into the scattered blankets that had been prepared. Those dark blue eyes became glazed with pleasure as the sounds of ravenous slurping surrounded the basement, the feeling of slicked saliva spreading across his manhood. Although possessing the ability, Link didn’t dare turn his attention towards the two woman entertaining his throbbing excitement. His impatience was rather apparent and adding vision to feeling would shatter what little restraint remained.

His fingertips almost pierced through the woven quilts as the older woman suddenly took his excitement into her mouth, although she concentrated on the end. The mayor’s daughter continued slurping her tongue up and down his generous length, driving two vastly different manners of pleasure through him. Their hands became disconnected and unidentified as several fingertips delicately fondled his underlying pouch and others traced the bulging veins of his excitement. Feminine nails thoughtlessly moved across his muscular abdomen while another tenderly grasped his outstretched left hand. Link found himself residing between one world and another.

Several moments passed with the older woman hollowing her cheeks upon his throbbing shaft, almost purposefully restraining herself from shattering his patience. His longtime friend and recent lover continued slathering his heated passion in her saliva, her exploring tongue surpassing the softest silk. There was eventually little controlling himself as his curiosity peaked and he pushed himself upwards on his right arm. The young rancher watched intently as both returned to licking him with mirror-like precision and bringing him even closer to his limits.

“Are you enjoying your reward?” Uli whispered just as Ilia moving both hands to grasp the base of his throbbing passion, her moist tongue flicked off the head. The saucy housewife abandoned her taunting and returned to her station, apparently realizing that the young rancher’s patience was splintering. Four moist hands fought against one another, the lubricating saliva slicking across his heated passion as both women realized he was watching an exchanged another heated kiss. Whatever restraint the young swordsman had managed to possess, it was completely shattered in this moment.

Link released another primal groan, the third one within the last twenty-four hours as his loins tightened and both woman instinctively positioned themselves. Neither made movements to taste the fruits of his netherregions, both women catching the pearl substance in their caressing hands. The young rancher found himself being driven through the middle of his climax when the younger woman suddenly moved upon him.

“I-Ilia!” Link gasped before her arms wrapped around his head and the young man was slammed back into the floor, those velvet lips having forced themselves upon his own. Link responded by wrapping his own arms around her slender waist and returning these sudden emotions, his instincts driving him further than conscious thought.

In that moment, he hardly even acknowledged the saucy housewife who remained stroking his throbbing excitement. The manner in which Ilia was now straddling over his waist made anything further almost impossible, somehow she believed there was nothing further that required her presence. Their plotted ambush of the young rancher had become something completely different, something that she believed she might have been intruding upon.

Link and Ilia continued their passionate embrace upon the tossed and twisted platform of spare blankets, hardly noticing the older woman cleansing her hands and redressing in her casual clothing. Stepping to the ladder she almost moved to offer her farewell, but realized there would be nothing gained from even bothering. With an amused smirk upon her features, she climbed the ladder and silently vanished into the night back towards the village. Feeling that regardless of how those two youngbloods denied their relationships, it was something beyond another loving friendship.

“Children these days.” Uli chuckled “Always thinking they understand so much.”

Link and Ilia both whispered one another’s names between those short breaths, their learning hands moving across one another’s exhausted bodies. His throbbing excitement was pulsing between her buttocks and her sacred entrance was slicking against his stomach. The young rancher thoughtlessly kicked off the slacks that had gathered around his ankles while his determined partner virtually tore his shirt from his chest. Although the ornate hairpin remained, the mayor’s daughter eventually found her silky nightgown tossed into the corner with her everyday clothes.

“Please…” the young woman whimpered “I need you right now!”

“You have me.” Link whispered in response, his hands wrapping around her waist as he positioned himself against her tight entrance. His breathing became even deeper as the sensitive tip brushed her delicate nether regions, several moments passing before her pushed forward. Her arms returned around her neck and held tightly, his own grasp remaining around her waist as they were united once more

The mayor’s daughter whimpered as she was deeply penetrated, their passion having pushed them beyond building the excitement and brought them into those pivotal moments. The young swordsman became thrusting upwards into her divine passage, another kissing becoming established between them. Both young lovers groaned into their counterparts mouth between thrusts, neither seeming prepared to relinquish until their bodies could be pushed no farther. Although it was unlikely that either noticed, their relationship was flaring beyond something between lifelong friends.

Both breathed sharply as their kiss was broken and Ilia glared down into Link’s eyes, their heated vision seeming to collide in passionate conflict. She was breathed heavily as she took his face into her hands, perching above him as she issued an unexpected demand “Take me!”

Unwilling to disappoint his unnaturally aggressive lover, Link rolled across the makeshift mattress and carried his partner with him until they found themselves in opposing positions. The various blankets and pillows cushioned the mayor’s daughter nicely while her lover repositioned himself above her. His strong arms remained wrapped around her slender waist while her legs instinctively moved to embrace his own muscular abdomen.

“Take me! Take me!” the young woman whimpered repeatedly, her hands grasping her growing breasts with every repetition of her earlier demand. Link continued without slowing himself, thrusting deeper than ever before and holding little back from his longtime companion. Their breath was upon one another’s necks and their heartbeats hammered mercilessly against their gleaming chests. There was little question that throughout every encounter that existed between them, this moment was their finest and most pleasurable.

The young rancher and apparent savior groaned as the grasp of his lover’s sacred entrance wrapped around his excitement and her powerful legs pulled him even deeper. Her modest breasts were now smashed against his strong chest, her delicate hands having moved to his shoulders. Those primal instincts completely dominated rational thought, his toned arms working alongside her grasping legs to thrust himself even deeper. There seemed nothing more important beyond pleasuring his partner and reaching his own climax, beyond them there seemed to be nothing.

The mayor’s daughter moaned in ecstacy as she found herself being penetrated harder and deeper than she could have imagined. Their former encounters and her own manipulation seemed pathetic in comparison as her lover seemed to have been overtaken. She found herself conquered by those animal instincts, never reassuring her partner that there was no chance of creating further existence through their union.

Several minutes passed them by, filled with the sounds of slapping flesh, lustful moaning, mating groans and every possible sound that was regularly associated with the fulfillment of carnal desires. Both grasped one another without restraint as they found themselves closing upon their limits, approaching together as if having been orchestrated by some superior forces. Perhaps those watchful goddesses possessed purposes for them or perhaps they were kindred spirits. There was no telling in those final moments as all thought and feeling beyond their pleasure vanished into nothingness.

“Ahhhh!!” Both moaned together as their nether regions tightened in different places. The young rancher groaned as his testicles tightened, the feeling of his lover’s sacred entrance clamping down upon his excitement finally breaking his patience. She moaned in release as the feeling of his burning seed became present within her inner sanctum, her fluids squeezing from around his excitement to coat the blankets on which they lay.

In one moment both were rigid in their climax, and in the next they were silent.

Link breathed deeply before rolling away from Ilia, the young woman responded by wordlessly climbing back on top of him and initiating one more kiss. Neither forced themselves upon the other in this moment, the meeting of their lips being much softer and casual that before something beyond lust prevalent between them. Their eyes communicated wordless messages between one another before the mayor’s daughter moved to her feet and collected a small rag from the nearby bucket of drinking water. Link thought little of this, he could replace it sometime later.

The apparent savior merely watched in obvious fixation as the young beauty cleansed the sweat from her body, eventually cleaning the juices that grasped her nether regions. Link himself proceeded to reclaim his slacks and return them around his waist, his partner following suit without speaking words. Within moments she was completely dressed and bearing little evidence of their encounter, her nightgown folded and hidden elsewhere upon her. She was the one to shatter the silence.

“Are you really going to the Hyrule Summit?” she questioned him, her voice almost fearful of something that remained unrevealed to the young warrior.

“I’ve been chosen to represent the village.” Link explained, understanding that she would be fearful of him going anywhere without her or beyond the southern forest. Having never ventured elsewhere, she probably feared for his well-being beyond anything else, at least that was what he believed. Of course, one of his kind couldn’t successfully attempt to understand the mentality of the fairer gender, especially concerning what they considered important to them.

“Promise me that you won’t do anything foolish.” she whispered, standing by the ladder to the basement as if to announce that she wouldn’t leave unless he gave her his word.

Instead, Link stood up and stepped to her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pulling her against him in one heartfelt moment “I wouldn’t allow myself to be prevented from returning to you, Ilia. I cannot comprehend the destiny of my birthing family and quite frankly, I couldn’t care less. This village and it’s people are my family, and I don’t plan to betray your trust.”

“Oh Link…” she whispered before wrapping her arms around his chest, resting her head against his shoulder in that moment. She smiled lightly “You could have just promised like always. You don’t have to be so dramatic about everything.”

“In that case,” Link chuckled in response “You should probably make sure that your father doesn’t see you returning home, otherwise this entire village will probably be gossiping.”

“No worries.” she giggled before winking “Good night, Link.”

“Good night, Ilia.” Link nodded “I’ll see you before I leave tomorrow.”

“Alright.” she started climbing the ladder when suddenly her sandel was gently caught by his hand, drawing her attention back down to him.

“And we’ll see each other when I get back, right?” he smirked, finally feeling himself gaining the advantage in flaring tempers and excitement as Ilia’s features became clouded with an innocent blush.

“I’ll be waiting in our meeting place. Don’t keep me waiting.” Ilia chuckled before climbing the ladder and eventually vanishing through the main entrance. The young man found himself excited in that moment, his lover’s words having promised another amusing romp through the forest thickets or another playful session in the chilling woodland stream.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Link chuckled.

His smiled vanished as he turned his attention back towards the scattered blankets that rested on the floor. One hand moved to scratch behind his head as he realized he would probably have to wash them the next morning and make some excuse for hanging all seven blankets across the line. He thought little of this before climbing the ladder himself. He found himself exhausted and following his nightly routine of washing himself using another bucket of water, he dropped into his bed and almost immediately slipped into his slumber.

The master swordsman leaned against the doorway of young Colin’s bedroom, the young man having witnessed and experienced several horrors that most shouldn’t have. Having never possessed any ambition to be sent to the military academy or pursue knighthood, the father was rather surprised that his son would have possessed such courage.

“Do you think you’ve frightened that poor child enough?” Rusl chuckled slightly, walking into his bedroom to see his beloved wife washing her hair in the nearby cleaning water. The obsidian nightgown was grasping her slender body once more and accented by the water dripping from her cropped strands. She shrugged slightly before proceeding to recover the bucket, the stagnant smell of moist wood rather unpleasant in the bedroom. The blacksmith stepped forward “Honestly Uli. My apprentice almost fainted upon seeing me returning.”

The saucy housewife just shrugged slightly before turning her attention back towards her husband, her expression twisted in another amused smirk. Contrary to everything that somebody might expect, the master swordsman remained quite knowledgeable concerning the escapades of his spouse and his apprentice. Almost most other husbands would have probably called the blacksmith to arms, there was an interesting agreement between them “You should have seen Ilia sweating when I approached her this afternoon.”

“I suppose she understands what kind of woman a knight requires.” Uli chuckled before dropping back onto the mattress, her hands moving behind her head “She might understand what happened between myself and your apprentice, but you shouldn’t be concerned. He remains ignorant of yourself and the mayor’s daughter.”

“That’s a very good thing.” Rusl breathed with some obvious relief “I don’t know how we would go about explaining such an awkward situation to Bo. Especially considering how everything happened so quickly.”

“Those two won’t say anything anytime soon.” Uli chuckled “Link wouldn’t want to betray your trust. Ilia wouldn’t want to be exposed. Thankfully, both are under the impression that I would be willing to blackmail their relationship in response.”

“Don’t inform my apprentice he is mistaken then.” Rusl murmured, crawling onto the mattress and hovering over his wife, her hands floating up to rasp the sleeves of his nightshirt “While we were both probably tempted. We never betrayed one another.”

“I’m still surprised that you suggested my approach.” Uli murmured as her husband grasped one of her healthy mounds and squeezed gently “While your approach might have been mostly lecturing and conversation, why would you insist that my own teachings be so much more…” she paused slightly as his hands explored her chest, resisting the urge to chuckle at the pun “…hands-on.”

“Those two are quite comparable to ourselves.” Rusl explained, one hand running down her slender belly “That young woman is quite imaginative and absorbs lectures like the sharpest scholar. My apprentice is rather headstrong and much more responsive to a physical approach.”

“That makes sense.” Uli smirked, one knee softly grinding against her husband’s nether regions while his hands brushed across her inner thighs “Although I was assuming that you allowing me some retribution for your romancing that bartender before deciding upon me?”

“I’m confident that you wouldn’t leave me.” Rusl whispered, his breath upon her neck “Fifteen years ago, there were merchants and nobles alike tossing themselves at your feet, and you would settle for an ordinary knight?”

“The shining armor really helped my decision.” Uli whispered in response “You shouldn’t concern yourself anyway, considering everything that has happened.”

“You’re actually home earlier that expected.” Rusl responded, his actions stopping as this point was brought up “What happened?”

“Nothing much.” Uli chuckled before moving her knee away from her husbands throbbing excitement, one hand casually pulling the material of her nightgown aside “Before long it became obvious that those two hardly require our assistance anymore, they’ll should be fine with one another.”

“Wonders never cease.” Rusl chuckled “Link and Ilia.”

“Colin is asleep and the door is closed?” Uli sudden inquired, apparently annoyed by her husband’s musings. The master knight nodded in confirmation before feeling his legs around his buttocks “Then enough pillow talk.”

Rusl’s found himself surprised as he found himself pulled to his wife’s face by the collar of his nightshirt, his features possessing a rather amused smile “Remind me of our finest evenings together, surpass them should you be capable. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and be envious of those two fucking like heated wolves.”

Rusl smirked before looking towards the nightstand and blowing out the candle, their silent whispers of passion filling their shared room while the rest of the village slumbered. The mayor’s daughter stole one glance towards the small house before climbing through her bedroom window. Talo and Malo found themselves looking across the village from their own bedroom, having discovered themselves released from an extreme lecture. There wouldn’t be any punishment, only several more chores over the coming weekend while their savior found himself away at the summit. Even the awakened warrior found himself returning to his slumber on the midnight hour, confident there wouldn’t be further interruptions.

Naturally, he found himself misguided as another presence moved silently through the village heading directly for his iconic house…

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