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Pit versus Zelda

It is likely that Link isn’t very good in playing video games so no wonder that for this type of game Princess Zelda prefers to spend time in the Pit’s (“Kid Icarus”) bedroom… and when nice guy and lovely gal are spending enough time in a bedroom together they’ll definitely fuck sooner or later! It’s not just the fact that Paluten is the busty goddess of Paluten is able to easily get into the bedroom at any time isn’t stopping them!

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I Love You Princess Zelda

Pretty, sweet and delicate Princess Zelda will be facing something huge and difficult tonight – she will have to go one on one against Urbosa! In specific, she will be competing against her big and hard futanari cock. Can this blonde Elven princess be able to handle this the most rigorous means or will she fail? Find the comics for all the details!

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