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The Torturous Training of New Recruits

Zelda is at a military camp where she can go through the trials and rewards of serving in the military. Zelda is instructed by the captain of the team to arrive at the camp at night. The squad captain then attaches Zelda to the pole and removes her clothing. He then begins massaging her tits, and then assaulting her with his side of the thigh. Zelda attempts to get away, but the captain holds her in tight. Then , he begins to suck her up, and Zelda is grumpy and groans with joy. The captain then cuffs Zelda’s skin, and takes off his pants. Zeld takes off her clothes and sits on the table so that the captain can cum the entire table over her toes. The captain then goes away. Zelda is left alone. Zelda is in a state of confusion. She would like to use the toilet but is worried that the captain could come back to find her.

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