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[sorenutz] Great Fairy Mija (The Legend of Zelda)

While Great fairy Mija could be more powerful than any fairies Link has met in his many adventures, it doesn’t mean that he should stop. Actually, the reverse is true as Link loves large boobs, then encountering someone with not just big or massive, but actually huge bobs is a quest which he’s happy to finish multiple times!

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Good Doggy, a bootydog 21+ parody

A comic book set of futanari in the Zelda universe. Although you may recognize the characters, they are oddly different. Futanari believes in the power of gigantism and all things. This sex comic is for you if you love futanari comics. This comic will tell you the stories that await you. It's time to start reading.

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Ameiro no Jikan

Link has a meeting appointment with Princess Zelda but barely he was expecting it to happen in her private chambers. Yet don’t worry – our brave hero is always ready for some action no matter will it be slaying monsters or fucking the hottest of elven princesses that the kingdom of Hyrule has ever seen! Non-english version but barely dialogs are doing much for hentai parodies anyways.

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[squeezable] Link x Zelda (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

Just four simple but beautiful pictures that reveals all the love and romance that Princess Zelda and Link share when there is no one around… or in other words – Zelda and Link has finally saved some time for fucking and they are not going to waste it for any talking! So pick the explanation that you like better and simply enjoy the following hentai parody minicomics!

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[SERA] Placoid [English] [xinsu]

Although it is hard to believe, Link has his moments of calm and tranquility in his travels. He is always willing to share these moments with his closest friends. Sidon, who is twice as large as Link is his newest partner. But, this isn’t a problem for the two of them sharing a affectionate and loving relationship. It can sometimes get very intense.

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The Torturous Training of New Recruits

Zelda is at a military camp where she can go through the trials and rewards of serving in the military. Zelda is instructed by the captain of the team to arrive at the camp at night. The squad captain then attaches Zelda to the pole and removes her clothing. He then begins massaging her tits, and then assaulting her with his side of the thigh. Zelda attempts to get away, but the captain holds her in tight. Then , he begins to suck her up, and Zelda is grumpy and groans with joy. The captain then cuffs Zelda’s skin, and takes off his pants. Zeld takes off her clothes and sits on the table so that the captain can cum the entire table over her toes. The captain then goes away. Zelda is left alone. Zelda is in a state of confusion. She would like to use the toilet but is worried that the captain could come back to find her.

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The First Summer

The battles with monsters, and the goodbye trips seem to be in the background for the moment so Link and his princess Zelda are finally able to have some time for themselves. They will be together for the entire summer, and this will not just strengthen their relationships, but also bring them to the proper point in the development of their relationship.

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[Jesse Jordan] Astolfo x Link

Astolfo And Link Astolfo and Link are two of the most charming male characters these days… It was just a matter of time when they’d appear in a parody manga called Hentai! The cuteness is great as the two characters attempt to seduce and get fucked by one another. Before you get started reading the manga make sure that you’re comfortable watching the yaoi-themed material.

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Magical Music by Stormfeder

Link gets lucky and fucks three princesses at once.

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Zelda Himawari biyori

Zelda Hentai Porn DoujinshiZelda Hentai Porn Doujinshi (more…)

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